CVN Introduces Engle Litigation Trading Cards

Posted by msch on Jun 1, 2011 3:05:00 PM

CVN Engle Litigation Trading CardsCVN is the leading news source for Engle litigation updates.  As this unprecedented tobacco litigation, now in its third year, evolves and expands, it is increasingly important to keep track of the emerging trends and evolving techniques.

CVN's Engle Litigation Trading Card series offers a light-hearted format for some very serious information. With billions of dollars at stake, the litigants, the business community, and the general public need to understand the courtroom results.

Last year CVN introduced the Engle Verdict Tracker. Now, CVN's Engle Litigation Trading Cards gather, analyze, and highlight even more key statistics to help evaluate the Tobacco Litigation outcomes.

We hope our readers enjoy these trading cards, but we also expect that the cards will be used as serious information and planning tools by participants and observers alike.

Baseball cards were originally distributed with cigarettes (not bubble gum), so we think it fitting that the original cigarette card be revived a century later, in the context of tobacco litigation, and with a baseball theme.

CVN will issue a new card each week in 2011, featuring an attorney, law firm, judge, or Engle case. We hope you will visit the collection as it grows, or sign up to be notified by email each time a new card is issued.

This week we are pleased to introduce card #7 featuring Engle plaintiff attorney Alex Alvarez. Below is a preview of this week's card. We hope you enjoy the entire collection.

Alex Alvarez Engle Trading Card Thumbnail

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