Six-in-a-Row for Tobacco -- No Liability in Rohr Case

Posted by msch on Oct 28, 2010 9:15:00 PM

Judge Jeffrey StreitfeldAfter apparently cracking the Engle Code, as we noted last week, four tobacco companies teamed up for another defense verdict today in Arthur Rohr v. R.J. Reynolds. The Rohr verdict represents Tobacco's sixth consecutive win.

During Phase 1 of the trial, plaintiff attorney Bruce Denson convinced the jury that an addiction to smoking was the legal cause of Mr. Rohr's lung cancer, and during Phase 2 Mr. Denson convinced the jury that defective cigarettes were the legal cause of Mr. Rohr's death.

However, the jury assigned 100% of the fault to Mr. Rohr and awarded no damages against defendants R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris, Lorillard, or Liggett.

Will the winning streak continue? Another Engle tobacco jury is currently deliberating, in Phase 1 of Koballa v. R.J. Reynolds.

CVN webcast Rohr v. R.J. Reynolds live.

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