Actor James Marshall Accutane Trial Begins in New Jersey

Posted by msch on Feb 22, 2011 9:15:00 AM

Brian Dennehy, Rob Reiner, Martin Sheen, Esai Morales, and Rick Nicita are expected to testify in this week's James Marshall Accutane trial.

Greenblatt v. Hoffman-La Roche (Atlantic City, New Jersey).

Watch the stars testify in this week's Accutane trial, Greenblatt v. Roche.

According to IMDB, James Marshall, born James Greenblatt, got his first break when he was cast in the television series Twin Peaks.  "The buzz on Marshall was so great that director Rob Reiner cast James and co-star Cuba Gooding Jr. in his upcoming film A Few Good Men. The movie was an excellent springboard towards a busy acting career."

Mr. Marshall's attorey says that Marshall would have had a stellar career, but for an inflammatory bowel disease that resulted in the removal of Mr. Marshall's colon. The IBD, Mr. Marshall will contend, was caused by Accutane, an acne treatment medicine that Hoffman-La Roche allegedly should have warned could cause IBD.

CVN expects to see live or video deposition testimony from Martin Sheen, Brian Dennehy, Rob Reiner, Esai Morales, and Rick Nicita, describing the career that Mr. Marshall might have had.

In addition to James Greenblatt, there are two other plaintiffs in the trial: Gillian Gaghan and Kelley Andrews.

This Accutane trial was originally scheduled for last summer, but a New Jersey Appellate Division ruling reversing a prior Accutane Award -- Kamie Kendall v. Hoffman-La Roche -- delayed the Greenblatt trial until now. CVN expects the Kendall retrial to be held in May.

CVN has covered four prior Accutane trials in which plaintiff attorney Mike Hook represented clients allegedly harmed by Accutane: McCarrell v. Hoffman-La Roche (2007), Kendall v. Hoffman-La Roche, (2008), In re: Accutane (2009), and McCarrell v. Hoffman La-Roche (2010 - retrial after appeal).

Watch a FREE 5-MINUTE CLIP of Mike Hook's opening statement in the second McCarrell Accutane trial.

CVN will webcast Greenblatt v. Roche live, gavel-to-gavel.

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