Former Siga CFO Tom Konatich testifies in PharmAthene v. Siga

Posted by msch on Jan 10, 2011 10:33:00 AM

Tom Konatich testifies in PharmAthene v. SigaFormer Siga CFO Tom Konatich testified today that Siga originally contacted PharmAthene and offered to license Siga's smallpox drug, ST-246, because Siga needed to improve its cash flow quickly.  But in response, according to Mr. Konatich, PharmAthene told him that they were not interested in a license arrangement, and that "it was a merger or nothing."

Mr. Konatich also testified that later a licensing agreement was considered as a quick first step towards an eventual merger.

CVN is webcasting PharmAthene v. Siga live.

PharmAthene v Siga

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