Lawyers of the Year Announced

Posted by msch on Dec 29, 2010 12:03:00 PM

Robert Eglet and William LevinLawyers USA has announced their "Lawyers of the Year 2010."

Among the honorees are trial lawyer Robert Eglet, of Mainor Eglet in Las Vegas, and Bill Levin, of Levin Simes in San Francisco.

Courtroom View Network captured both Mr. Eglet's and Mr. Levin's award winning performances in 2010.

In Chanin v. Teva and Baxter, Robert Eglet and Will Kemp won a $500M+ verdict on behalf of a Las Vegas man who had contracted Hepatitis C at an endoscopy clinic as a result of unsafe dosing practices. The plaintiff argued that the extra large vials of anesthetic used by the clinic were defectively sized and failed to adequately warn against re-use.

In Evans v. CertainTeed, Bill Levin won a $200M+ verdict against asbestos pipe manufacturer CertainTeed. The plaintiff's mesothelioma resulted from exposure to asbestos fibers when she washed the clothes of her husband, who was a pipe cutter.

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