Defense Completes Dramatic Opening Statement

Posted by msch on Oct 12, 2010 2:50:00 PM

Defense Presents Its Case in Mark Stover Trial

Defense attorney John H. Brown questions Michiel Oaks on direct examination, while the prosecution team looks on.

The defense completed its opening statement in People v. Michiel Oakes.

Corbin Volluz told the jury about Mark Stover's repeated threats against Michiel Oakes as well as against Michiel Oakes' children, how Michiel Oakes came to be in Mark Stover's house the morning of October 28th, why Mr. Oakes was armed and wearing a bullet-proof "Kevlar" vest, why Mr. Oakes felt compelled to act in self-defense, how and why Mr. Oakes removed Mark Stover's body from the house, where Mr. Oakes disposed of the body, and why Mr. Oakes belatedly attempted to dispose of his hand gun.

After Mr. Volluz's opening statement, Michael Oakes took the stand.

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