Michiel Oakes Alleged Handgun Shown To Jury

Posted by msch on Oct 6, 2010 11:30:00 AM

Weapon Evidence in People v Oaks TrialProsecution witness Sheriff Detective Ben Hagglund showed to the jury on Tuesday a .22 calibre handgun allegedly belonging to Michael Oakes. Detective Hagglund did not observe threading on the pistol that would allow it to accept a silencer.

Detective Hagglund also narrated the showing of ferry terminal surveillance video that purported to showed a dark-colored car similar to Michael Oakes' Suzuki and a couple walking nearby. Although Detective Hagglund had also reviewed surveillance video from a Starbucks, he was unable to identify either Michiel Oakes or Jennifer Thompson in the video.

The jury also heard from the general manager and the store manager of a Winthrop hardware store that allegedly sold a gun to Mr. Oakes. The store manager testified that shortly before Mr. Oakes was arrested he had asked the manager to keep two of his guns for him.

Defendant Michael Oakes

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