Veterinarian and Detective Testimony Start Day 2 in Oakes Trial

Posted by msch on Sep 30, 2010 1:22:00 PM

Witness Testimony in People v OaksVeterinarian Dr. Lee Anderson, DVM, was sworn in Thursday morning in People v. Oakes.  Dr. Anderson described the discovery and removal of three bullets from Mark Stover's guard dog, Dingo, who was brought to him October 29, 2009, by Beth Coleman.

According to Dr. Anderson, Ding was a Malamar, who was euthanized in February, 2010, as a result of bone cancer.

Sheriff Detective Theresa Luvera was sworn in next. She described how she was brought into the case, and the crime scene photographs she took, including apparent blood stains.

Day 2 testimony continues with additional photographic exhibits.

CVN is webcasting People v. Oakes live. Each day's sessions are uploaded in the evening for on-demand viewing later.  

Dingo%27s Vet Doctor Anderson in People v Oakes

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