Testimony Begins in People v. Oakes

Posted by msch on Sep 29, 2010 1:48:00 PM

Skagit County Superior Court Michael Oaks Mark Stover Murder Trial

Teresa Vaux Michel Mark Stover%27s Girlfriend and FianceeThe first witness in People v. Oakes was Mark Stover's fiancee, Teresa Vaux-Michel.

Ms. Vaux-Michel recounted her first meeting with Mark Stover, and the days prior to and after Mark Stover's death.

According to Ms. Vaux-Michel, Mark Stover's beloved dog "Dingo," was a highly trained guard dog, most frequently referred to as "Ding."

Ms. Vaux-Michel explained that prior to his death, Mark Stover feared for his life, and would call her from pay telephones and use cash to keep his location from being traced.

On cross-examination, Ms. Vaux-Michel
testified that she would be surprised if she learned that Mark Stover had been in Montana twice when Linda Opdycke was there with Linda's boyfriend Michiel Oakes, and that she did not believe that Mark Stover had asked a female employee to accompany Stover on his trip to Montana "to carry his gun."

Teresa Michaels Cross Examination 1

Teresa Michaels Cross Examination 2


Teresa Michaels Cross Examination 3

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