Second Witness Testifies in Oakes Trial

Posted by msch on Sep 29, 2010 3:15:00 PM

Stephanie Poor Takes The Stand in People v OaksThe prosecution in People v. Oakes called Mark Stover's next-door neighbor, Stephanie Poor, to testify. Ms. Poor also worked for Mark Stover, and she saw Stover's vehicle, which she had assumed was driven by Mr. Stover, leave the driveway like a "bat-out-of-hell," which would have been very unusual for Mr. Stover.

According to Ms. Poor, Mark Stover's dog Dingo had been a Royal Dutch Police Dog, with 3,000 hours of training to attack and to protect, which was the gold standard in training for police dogs.

Ms. Poor also described how she found Ding, apparently injured, and the blood in Mr. Stover's house, which she had originally assumed was Ding's blood. She also described the "overwhelming" smell of chlorine bleach, which Mark Stover never used, because it would have been bad for the septic system.

Direct examination of Stover Neighbor Stephanie Poor

Mark Stover%27s House and Driveway in Washington v Michael Oaks Trial

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