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Posted by msch on Sep 27, 2010 11:18:00 AM

People v Michael Oaks TrialJury selection begins Monday in People v. Oakes, the criminal trial of Michiel Oakes, the alleged murderer of celebrity dog trainer T. Mark Stover in Skagit County, Washington.

Stover's long career as a dog trainer/psychologist began around 1970. An Associated Press article from 1978 describes Stover's philosophy and techniques. In 1991, a Seattle Times article reported that many of Stover's clients were "top corporate executives." Stover eventually claimed to have trained over 15,000 dogs, including dogs owned by a baseball star, a rock star, and the CEO of Starbucks. For more about Stover, including photos, visit the Mark Stover Memorial Blog.

Stover and his wife, Linda Opdycke, build a dog resort on Kiket Island, which had been purchased by Opdycke's father. After they divorced, Stover was convicted of stalking Opdycke.

Opdycke's boyfriend, Michael Oaks, is accused of killing Stover. But Oakes may claim at trial that he shot Stover in self-defense.

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CVN coverage will begin with opening statements.

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