CVN Announces "Large Verdicts" Video Collection

Posted by msch on May 18, 2010 5:09:00 PM

CVN is pleased to announce its newest video collection, "Large Verdicts," which includes more than 25 of CVN's largest verdicts to date. The Large Verdicts collection will be constantly growing, as we continue to add multi-million dollar verdicts and punitive damage awards.

CVN's entire Large Verdicts collection is available for as little as $49 per month, and includes these cases:

Attorneys Will Kemp, Ted Wells, and Bill Levin recovered large damage awards for their clients.

$505M -- Chanin v. Desert Shadow Endoscopy. Punitive damages were awarded based on inadequate warnings on vials of the anesthetic Propofol that caused the spread of Hepatitis C.

$364M -- Bondi v. Citigroup. Citigroup was awarded damages as a result of the Parmalot fraud.

$316M -- McDavid v. Turner. Owner of the Atlanta sports teams "Hawks" and "Thrashers" breached a contract to sell the teams.

$233M -- Rowatt v. Wyeth. Three breast cancer survivors who had used Wyatt's Hormone Replacement Therapty (HRT) drug, Prempro recovered compensatory and punitive damages.

$208MEvans v. A.W. Chesterton. The plaintiff contracted mesothelioma from asbestos fibers on the clothing of her husband, who sawed pipes.

$78M.  U.S. Global v. Progress Energy. Commercial litigation involving breach of asset purchase, commission, and services agreements. 

$54MGodfrey v. Precision Automotive. A private airplane crashed due to a defective carburator.

$50MThomas v. Global Vision. Defendant violated California's Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) by marketing its hair regrowth treatment Avacor as "natural" and "herbal", even though it had same active ingredient as Rogaine.

$47.5MHermans v. Merck. Pharmaceutical products liability trial against Merck for heart attacks allegedly caused the painkiller drug Vioxx.

$38M. IREF v. Pfizer. Trade secret misappropriate claim arising from Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) clinical drug trials for Bextra, a second-generation Cox-2 inhibitor. 

NEW $30M. Buonomo v. R.J. Reynolds. $25M in punitive damages were awarded to the wife of a man who started smoking as a teenager, and died of emphysema after a lifetime of smoking three packs per day.

$30MCohen v. R.J. Reynolds. The plaintiff's husband in this Engle-progeny tobacco trial was a smoker who died of lung cancer in 1994.

$25MMcCarrell v. Hoffman La Roche. The plaintiff developed inflammatory bowel disease and had his colon removed after he took the acne medication Accutane. 

$20M. Putney v. R.J. Reynolds. The plaintiff's wife in this Engle-progeny tobacco trial was a smoker who died of lung cancer in 1995.

$18M. E*Trade v. Deutsche Bank. E*Trade won a breach of contract claim based on an accounting error that overstated the value of a business it purchased from Deutsche Bank.

$18M. Watson v. Ford. A Ford Explorer sudden acceleration case resulting from an allegedly faulty cruise control.

$18M. Moreno v. Ford. A Ford Explorer roll-over accident was caused by a tire dealer's installation of a Firestone tire that had been recalled.

$17.7M. Wheeler v. Ford.  A Ford Explorer's defective rear seat occupant protection system left the plaintiff a permanent, complete quadriplegic. The case settled while the jury was deliberating over a punitive damages award.

$16M. Schein v. Ernst & Young. The plaintiffs recovered $10M and $6M respectively based on negligent audits conducted by Ernst & Young.

$14.7M. Kentucky v. Watson. AstraZeneca misstated the wholesale price on its drugs.

$13.5M. McDarby v. Merck. The defendant withheld information about its pain killer Vioxx, which caused a heart attack. 

$12M. Cannon v. E&D. The plaintiff was severely burned when a tow truck smashed into the rear of his stalled Ford Mustang.

$11M. Citrus Canker Litigation. Inverse condemnation proceeding seeking compensation for 133,720 citrus trees that were destroyed in a failed effort to contain a bacterial plant disease.

$10.5M. Kendall v. Hoffman La-Roche. The defendant failed to adequately warn that its acne medication Accutane could cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

$9M. Wisconsin v. Abbott Laboratories. Defendant, Pfizer's Pharmacia, misstated its drug prices in this Average Wholesale Price (AWP) Medicare fraud litigation.

$8.5M. Starrh v. Aera. Oil production field waste water was placed in unlined percolation pits, which contaminated a neighboring farmer's groundwater.

$8M. Hess v. R.J. Reynolds. The plaintiff's husband in this Engle-progeny tobacco trial died of lung cancer in 1997 because he was addicted to tobacco.

$4.6M. Alterman v. Zep. Road construction companies failed to adequately warn drivers of a rolling roadblock. 

$4.5M. Kornak v. North Broward Hospital. The plaintiff's 35-year old husband died after he was placed under anesthesia even though he was experiencing respiratory distress.

$4.3M. Kroll v. Zolfaghari. The plaintiff suffered brain, liver, and kidney damage as a result of the failure to diagnose an enterovirus infection at the time of her birth.

CVN's entire Large Verdicts collection is available for as little as $49 per month. Or try CVN's two free days offer, no obligation. 

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