Live CVN Webcast for Las Vegas Pharma Trial

Posted by msch on Apr 8, 2010 3:28:00 PM

Propofol sedative, the allegedly improper administration of which is challenged in the products liability trial of Chanin v. Desert Shadow Endoscopy products liability trial

Unsafe injection practices may have caused hundreds of Hepatitis infections in Nevada. The first lawsuit, Chanin v. Desert Shadow Endoscopy, goes to trial next week, and the plaintiff is blaming the pharmaceutical companies that manufactured (Teva) and supplied (Baxter) the anesthetic Propofol, the improper administration of which may have spread hepatitis C. (Propofol was also the same sedative that was given to singer Michael Jackson.)
According to the plaintiff, the drug was provided in "jumbo-sized" vials that were defective because they encouraged multi-dosing, rather than using a single vial for each patient. According to Baxter, the drugs were clearly labeled for single-use.
CVN will provide a live webcast of Chanin v. Desert Shadow Endoscopy. The trial may last from 4-8 weeks. 

Topics: Negligence, Products Liability, Endoscopy Center Cases, Pharmaceutical